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Likeable U 2012, Internet Week

During this year’s Internet Week, I attended Likeable U Class of 2012: Beyond the Buzz, in which speakers such as Peter Shankman, Aliza Licht, Dan Kim and other respected professionals shared their expertise in the industry. Though I was only able to attend the second half of the event, I fortunately had some great takeaways:

Aliza Licht, SVP of Global Communications for DKNY, spent some time discussing her role as the PR girl for DKNY

  • Tweeting is a 2-way conversation, even though you’re a brand. The pro: it can be like having your own focus group. The con: one bad blog post can hurt your reputation. The important thing is to continue the conversation and approach even a bad situation in a positive way.
  • The @DKNY handle became a personality, not a commercial for the brand. Good examples of leveraging social media were found from the Fashion’s Night Out event and creating a #twitterball surrounding the Met Schiaparelli & Prada Exhibition.
  • Aliza showed us a snippet of her lifestyle in a short video, and as hectic as it looks, it is apparent that she enjoys every minute of it.

(Left: Aliza Licht, Right: Shira Palka)

Dan Kim, Founder of Red Mango, talked about his experiences in the digital frozen yogurt world:

  • First, don’t say you’re a social media expert, because that’s about as vague as saying you’re an expert in life. If you are, that’s cool but the fact is, we’re all experts: who we are and what role we play is the most important.
  • The Harvard Business Review shows a new consumer paradigm. Back then, marketers assumed that consumers weeded out their brands until they decided which products to buy for their use. Today, research suggests that consumers are constantly picking and choosing their brands, and are in an open-relationship with the brand and its products online.
  • Words vs. photography—> go with the photos. Photographs of delicious cups of frozen yogurt produce a lot more engagement and activity than descriptions of of them.
  • At the end of Dan’s presentation, the audience received a gift card to purchase frozen yogurt, and I will definitely be spending it!

Thank you to Dave Kerpen and the Likeable team for creating a great event.


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